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I would like to extract some TriggeredSend stats using the API, but so far I didn't have any luck.

I need it to be summarized by day and triggeredSendId. This is why I cant use the TriggeredSendSummary object, as this object have a single summary from the day the triggered send was created - or am I missing some way to filter it by sentDate?

Triggered sends tracking (daily summary)

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This blog shows you how to use the RetriveAllSinceLastBatch Boolean property. You can use the RetrieveAllSinceLastBatch argument with a RetrieveRequest to reduce the amount of records returned by a call and retrieve only the most current information since your last identical request. By retrieving only the most current records, you can save the amount of time and resources devoted to a call.

Using Retrieving All Records Since Last Batch for Tracking Data

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Does anybody know how to to recreate the Tracking - Click Activity "Email Overlay View" through API calls?

You know, that screen that has the email displayed in an HTML format, and then have the link data layed on top of the html and show up as x%?

I know a similar question has been asked and answered, but that question wanted the html page without the link data, which is what I really need... 


Is there a way to recreate the Tracking - Click Activity page through API calls?

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If an attribute is setup in Profile Management with a name of HTML and a datatype of Text. The following code can be used to render dynamic HTML into the body of the email.


Set @myhtml = HTML
SET @otherUrl = 'http://www.fakeurl.com/' + OtherSubscriberAttribute

<a href='%%=RedirectTo(@otherUrl)=%%'>View Link</a>
<custom name="opencounter" type="tracking">


Trackable links within HTML variable parsed with AMPScript

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Is there any master table which contains the complete status of a triggered email send. I want to capture following fields in a single glance:

- TransactionStatus     /*Status of email, either it is (sent, bounced, open, clicked, spam, unsubscribe)*/
- TransactionDate
/*Status Info - In case of bounce*/
- BounceCategory
- Reason
/*Status Info - In case of Click*/
- Alias
/*Status Info - In case of Not sent*/
- Reason

How to extract the status of triggered email?

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I'm facing two problems:


The response to the following code shows that the list is created, but I'm logged into ExactTarget and I cannot find the list name and my mail was not sent.

I'm specifying the clientId in the List object, I'm getting aresponse like this;

Unable to send emails and see the lists created in ExactTarget by specifying the sub-account clientId in the list object

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It seems Tracking information in the sandbox is not getting updated nor are the emails are being sent out. I tried sending emails from the API but failed to receive the tracking info. I tried sending email manually from ExactTarget interface, but no tracking information was updated.

Thank you

Sandbox - Tracking Information is not getting updated