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I'm trying to trigger an automation on ExactTarget using SOAP in .net in C#

so far i have found the examples page help.exacttarget.com/en-GB/technical_library/web_service_guide/technical_articles/interacting_with_automation_studio_via_the_web_service_soap_api/

which says var performResponse = soapClient.Perform(performRequest);

however soapClient.Perform dose not take a singe agument.

what i have so far is this

I'm trying to trigger an automation on ExactTarget using SOAP in .net in C# so far i have found the examples page but the object in the SOAP seams to be diffent to the example

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We need to pull all available lists currently configured in our account via SOAP API and populate a select box so we can choose one of them in our application.

We need to do the same for all currently configured triggers.

We build our SOAP Envelopes by hand, so can you provide a couple of code snippets to help us achieve this goal?

The SOAPv3 sampes provided by ET do not cover these scenarios.


SOAP API Retrieve All Lists

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Hi guys! I don't figure out, how to use relationships when I'm using SOAP request? In my case, I created some users and a data exntestion for them. I related them by key (Profile:EmailAddress == DataExtension:SubsriberKey (EmailAddress)) and I would like to get users which are unsubscribed and to get some data from related data extenstion in one request? How can I do it? I have many users which are unsubscribed and I need to update data for them.

How to use relationships through SOAP request?

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There are multiple events like

  • BounceEvent
  • ClickEvent
  • NotSentEvent
  • OpenEvent
  • SentEvent

For each event object type, separate retrieve request calls need to be made as event have some specific properities.

Can't we acheive this in a single call? The other way, does RetrieveRequest supports multiple object declaration (optimaization)?

If possible, how to get all/multiple events information with one Retrieve Reqest call?

Single RetrieveRequest call to get multiple events information

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Exception when Scheduling an Email Send Definition: Status=Error- Error Exception occurred during [ScheduleEmailSendDefinition] ErrorID: 423334436 This is an exception thrown sometimes at the following line while scheduling emails in Exact target when the number of schedules done thorugh the application for multiple times in a day.

Exception thrown sometimes while scheduling emails in Exact target multiple times a day

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Hi All,

Our client has the requiremnt that they are able to Update Values in a data Extension via some User Interface. I do not know of an out of the box way of doing this so I built one using SSJS & AMPScript. It works great as long as the result set is not to large.

How do I limit the number of Rows from an SSJS Retrieve Rows

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I am new to the SOAP API and am trying to do my first triggered send, using a Web Collect form on a page outside of ExactTarget. I am using PHP with the SOAP API, per the "exact_triggered send" example found in the PHP API Starter Kit: http://help.exacttarget.com/Global/Documentation/APIStarterKits/PHP%20APIstarterKit-V1.zip

Triggered Send via SOAP API & PHP

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I was looking at the fuel api + soap api samples https://github.com/ExactTarget/SubscriberSearch-net/blob/master/SubscriberSearch-net/SubscriberSearch.ashx.cs, and they seem to use handlers in .net ashx files.

It is possible to execute the request from a .net dll without creating an ashx using the oAuthToken file if so is there an example. We are converting code which used soap with user name and password.



Soap & fuel api ashx