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Connections 2012

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David Shalom, XMPie Product Manager, e-Media Solutions
Jason Meketa, ExactTarget Senior Developer Advocate

Since 2002, ExactTarget has offered a variety of platform technologies that enable our clients and partners to programmatically interact with our core messaging technology. In this session, we will introduce the Embedded partner program, the platform technologies that power it, and show how one Embedded partner, XMPie, used our platform to add email sending and tracking to XMPie Personal PersonalEffect (PE)–as well as how the integration

Going To Market With ExactTarget And The Embedded Partner Program - Connections 2012 Presentation

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Ian Murdock, ExactTarget, VP, Platform

In 2010, ExactTarget launched the Interactive Marketing Hub, powered by the Fuel platform. At Connections, the full capabilities of the Fuel platform will be opened to our clients and partners, enabling them to build upon, extend, and integrate with ExactTarget's market–leading cross–channel messaging and interactive marketing technology. Join us for an overview of Fuel and its exciting new technologies.

Fuel Overview & Roadmap - Connections 2012 Presentation

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Hi everyone,

Remember back in September when I said that if you're a developer, Connections is a can't-miss event this year? For those of you who were able to make it, I think you’ll agree that it was well worth the trip—and for those of you who have attended Connections before, that it was a Connections unlike any other.

The big news of the week, of course, was that we have opened the Fuel platform to third-party developers.

What’s different about Fuel? After all, we've been providing APIs to our clients and partners for more than ten years.

First of all, Fuel APIs are RESTful, greatly enhancing ease of integration with our products and technologies. And Fuel adds cross-channel capabilities to our API family, enabling deeper integration with ExactTarget’s suite of products across email, mobile, social, and the web.

But Fuel is more than just the REST APIs. Fuel is a collection of integrated platform technologies that enable you to build upon and integrate with ExactTarget in ways never before possible. If you're a client with complex integration requirements, Fuel will make it easier than ever for you to implement ExactTarget to your exact specifications. And if you're a partner, Fuel will enable you to build applications for the Interactive Marketing Hub and make those applications available to our clients via the HubExchange marketplace.

In support of our announcements, we had an entire track of breakout sessions for developers on day two, where we went into much more detail on Fuel and its technologies—and, as promised, gave attendees hands-on access to those technologies.

Standing Room Only

For those of you who weren't able to make it this year, we recorded the sessions and will be posting them here over the next several weeks:

  • Next week: Fuel Overview & Roadmap
  • The week of November 19: Going to Market with ExactTarget and the Embedded Partner Program
  • The week of November 26: Hands–on with the REST API
  • The week of December 3: HubExchange: Building Apps for the Interactive Marketing Hub
  • Updated Release - Early January: Fuel UX: Open Source Innovation & Rich Client Experiences
  • Updated Release - Mid January: Cross–Channel Content Creation and the Fuel Editor Framework

This is truly an exciting time to be an ExactTarget developer, and we're just getting started. Be sure to check back here often to follow our progress. The best way to stay up to date, of course, is to subscribe to our blog and sign up for our developer newsletter.

Ian Murdock
VP Platform

A look back at Connections 2012

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Connections 2012 Developer Track will host a Thursday afternoon "office hours" session that will enable developers with all the basic needs for building Apps on the Fuel Platform.


Join us downtown Indianapolis at 2:30pm in the JW Marriott Rooms 201-204 on the second floor.


2:30-2:35  Session Intro

Ian Murdock - VP of Platform: Ian will be welcoming the audience, sharing the vision / approach behind App Center and app building.

Connections Developer Track - Oct. 18th - Office Hours