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I'm trying to trigger an automation on ExactTarget using SOAP in .net in C#

so far i have found the examples page help.exacttarget.com/en-GB/technical_library/web_service_guide/technical_articles/interacting_with_automation_studio_via_the_web_service_soap_api/

which says var performResponse = soapClient.Perform(performRequest);

however soapClient.Perform dose not take a singe agument.

what i have so far is this

I'm trying to trigger an automation on ExactTarget using SOAP in .net in C# so far i have found the examples page but the object in the SOAP seams to be diffent to the example

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The RefreshList Status resource allows you to check the status of a list refresh initiated using the RefreshList operation.

Resource URL


URL Parameters:

Contacts - Retrieve Refresh List Status

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The RefreshList operation initiates a list refresh on a list previously created in the MobilePush interface. This refresh process adds or removes members from the list based on their current attributes and the criteria defined for the list.

Operation URL


URL Parameters:

Contacts - Refresh List

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Below is a question i had about failed upload for an asynchronous transaction.... can anyone help me figure out how I grab the subscriber key for this transation?


Hey All,


I am uploading multiple emails at one time Asynchronously and I would like to retrieve the errored emails that are flagged as spam....for example test@yahooL.com .  In one of my uploads I caught this because my numbers didnt match on the upload. 

So I did this below and got the result set along with it.


Help! API for failed API uploads

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Hi all.
I have created a email template in ExactTarget API and I want to use it executing an XML from SoapUI.

Is there any tutorial or examples of how can this be done or someone of you can help me out?

I'm new at this and I'm not sure how ExactTarget really works.

Thank you,


How can I send an email using a template?

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In my .net application I am trying to create a subscriber using exact target api. For this I am pulling all the attributes of subscriber using the 'Describe' method as follows,

var results = client.Describe(new ObjectDefinitionRequest[] { request }, out requestID);


Add values to default Preference Attributes HTML Emails using api