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The RefreshList Status resource allows you to check the status of a list refresh initiated using the RefreshList operation.

Resource URL


URL Parameters:

Contacts - Retrieve Refresh List Status

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I am brand new and just got the API running. I see you can create, retrieve, edit and delete folders but can you actually get items within that folder?

I need to be able to get the content areas within a folder to display. I know you can get content areas and filter them out but I don't see a way to filter by folder in the documentation. Is this possible?

Can you retrieve all content areas within a folder?

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There are multiple events like

  • BounceEvent
  • ClickEvent
  • NotSentEvent
  • OpenEvent
  • SentEvent

For each event object type, separate retrieve request calls need to be made as event have some specific properities.

Can't we acheive this in a single call? The other way, does RetrieveRequest supports multiple object declaration (optimaization)?

If possible, how to get all/multiple events information with one Retrieve Reqest call?

Single RetrieveRequest call to get multiple events information

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I want to do something similiar below in C#.  Eventually, I want to filter off of modified dated so I can get the most recent updates.  How do I bind the 2 filters so I can filter like date > 5/5//2013 and status ="Active" for example.


SimpleFilterPart sfp = new SimpleFilterPart();
sfp.Property = "ListID";
sfp.SimpleOperator = SimpleOperators.equals;
sfp.Value = new string[] { "478" };

//2nd filter

Muliple filters in RetrieveRequest

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I am trying to upload a file to a portfolio folder.  I can successfully upload to the root portfolio folder using SOAP but I would like to upload to a subfolder.

a) I was thinking I just needed to get the category ID of the folder that I want to upload to and then it would be possible.  Is that correct?

ID of portfolio sub folder

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Is there any documents that describes which properties for given Object I can get in Retrieve request? There are MANY properties in objects that can not be retrieved and I do not want to waste time for guessing. For example in object AccountUser fields BusinessUnit, DefaultBusinessUnit, DefaultBusinessUnitObject can not be retrieved.


Thanks in advance!



Which properties I can retrieve?

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I'm having some trouble retrieving data from a data extension that is in a child business unit.  I'm adding the Client it but I'm not getting any results.  If I move my default business unit then I'm able to retrieve the data.


Trouble retrieving data from data extension in child business unit