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I need to retrieve subscriber language using SOAP API.

Subscriber object of the API does not have "Language" field, but does have "Locale" (in the WSDL).

However I get an error message when I try to do following:

            retrieveRequest.setObjectType( "Subscriber" );
            String[] fieldsToRetrieve = { "SubscriberKey", "EmailAddress", "Locale" };

Results in:

Retrieve subscriber language using SOAP API

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In ExactTarget UI in "My Emails" table there are columns: 

Name | Subject | Associated Campaigns | Type | Content Detective | Created | Modified | Last Sent

While Email object doesn't have "Last Sent" and "Associated Campaigns" properties. It has only thoes corresponding properties:

Name -> Name

Subject -> Subject

Associated Campaigns -> ???

Type -> EmailType

Email SOAP API: how to get "Associated Campaigns" and "Last Sent" for Email?

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     We are sending our company data through SFTP, this.csv files includes whole lot of data regarding our product and consutomers contact details.


Now we decided get unsub and bounced Emails through API instead of CSV files export.

This is what I tried so far


 var accountSfp = new SimpleFilterPart();

accountSfp.Property = "Client.ID";

accountSfp.SimpleOperator = SimpleOperators.equals;

// is there any property though which I can get all the bounced subscribers for our account??

How to get Unsubscribed and Bounced Subscriber details

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I read a post from back in January (of 2012) regarding this issue...


Here we are now in May of 2013, and I am developing a vb.net automation to create an email, add subscribers from several preexisting lists, AND I would like to combine the suppressions list(s) since thats what opting-out is for.

I wonder if someone can offer advice to the following questions:


Please assume I would like the most simplest approach to generating a daily email where just a single jpg-image is changed...

Suppression List(s) and the SOAP API, amongst other noob questions

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I'd like to be able to throttle triggered sends so say, for example "don't send subscribers more than one email per day, even if I call the trigger API more frequently". Is this possible? I've had a look around and can't find it in the docs anywhere, but perhaps I'm searching for the wrong thing.



Throttling of triggered sends for a subscriber

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I am using the SOAP API to perform a triggered send of an email asynchronously. This works fine: I get a response saying that the message is "Queued", and later the recipient gets the email.

However, what I'd like to be able to do is track this specific triggered send through the Send -> Open -> Click process via the APIs. I can successfully retrieve SentEvents, OpenEvents and ClickEvents from the API -- however I'm struggling to figure out how to tie these to the original triggered send.

How to track opens/clicks for individual triggered sends

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The Campaign Manager sample app demonstrates a real-world example utilizing the Fuel SDK for Ruby. The sample application creates and manages Campaigns for ExactTarget's Interactive Marketing Hub. Download the entire project from the CampaignManager-Ruby repository on GitHub.

Create Campaign Page

This page demonstrates how to retrieve all Campaigns to populate the left navigation and create new campaigns using the Fuel SDK (once the form is submitted).

Sample App - Campaign Manager