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I'm trying to trigger an automation on ExactTarget using SOAP in .net in C#

so far i have found the examples page help.exacttarget.com/en-GB/technical_library/web_service_guide/technical_articles/interacting_with_automation_studio_via_the_web_service_soap_api/

which says var performResponse = soapClient.Perform(performRequest);

however soapClient.Perform dose not take a singe agument.

what i have so far is this

I'm trying to trigger an automation on ExactTarget using SOAP in .net in C# so far i have found the examples page but the object in the SOAP seams to be diffent to the example

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Hi there,

We currently use your SOAP API for accessing the Triggered Send functionality of Exact Target. We are able to batch up 500 or so emails within a single SOAP Envelope enabling us to send about 30k emails. As a development team we are currently investigating the usage of the new Fuel API and making REST requests to create Triggered Sends. In our tests so far we have found this to be the prefered method due to the lightweight nature of the requests. 

Bulk send via Fuel API using REST

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Testing C# SDK Jul 19 rev, with real world security.  (Meaning it can't do everything!)  Looks like we need code in ET_Client.cs to deal with more errors.  Exception on ET_Client.cs line 735

OverallStatus = theObject.AuthStub.soapclient.Retrieve(rr, out RequestID, out objectResults);


Call Stack


C# SDK Exception in ET_Client.cs

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Exception when Scheduling an Email Send Definition: Status=Error- Error Exception occurred during [ScheduleEmailSendDefinition] ErrorID: 423334436 This is an exception thrown sometimes at the following line while scheduling emails in Exact target when the number of schedules done thorugh the application for multiple times in a day.

Exception thrown sometimes while scheduling emails in Exact target multiple times a day

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I am updating a subscriber using subscriberid with no email address, while adding it to a list. I get an error back which indicates invlid email address error code 1200 InvalidEmailAddress. I am not supplying email address in the soap request.

Do I need to supply email address all the time? I have attached the request and response aml.


Updating a subscriber by subscriber id, no email address.

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Hi, another question on refresh tokens...

I just need to be clear on the process I use to get a new token if account has expired through inactivity.

If token has expired I do the following:

1) Make a call to
   https://auth.exacttargetapis.com/v1/requestToken with json parms

        clientId,clientSecret,accessType (offline),refreshToken from the JOT at single signon

Refresh tokens.

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I created a data extension with two fields: EmailAddress(primary key) and FirstName w/ an external key of EmailRecords.

I created an app in the app center.

using the documentation found here: https://code.exacttarget.com/devcenter/fuel-api-family/hub/dataeventsasync/row

Questions about Adding rows to Data Extension via DataEventsAsync

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I am still a little confused on refresh tokens, the steps are as follows to get a new access token...


1) Get refresh token using clientid,clientsecret   https://auth.exacttargetapis.com/v1/requestToken. This returns the access token and expires in value. 

Refresh Tokens..

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I have browsed the sample code, but they seem to rely on the object SoapClient.  I have not been able to compile when the SoapClient object is present.  I need a code example that will work with VS 2010 (C# or VB).

Access the Exact Target API using Visual Studio 2010 C# but without SoapClient?