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I have the list in my business unit. There are lots of subscribers. I need to be able to change the opt in opt out preferences for any subscriber from API call.


I found the next article http://help.exacttarget.com/en/technical_library/web_service_guide/technical_articles/managing_subscribers_on_lists/


Update Business Unit Subscription List - Unsubscribe Subscriber from List

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I have successfully used the code in sample-dataextension.php to add new Data Extensions but but when I pass those new fields using the example code from sample-subscriber.php the new fields are ignored.  I created Address.  When I pull all DEs I see it

[2] => stdClass Object
[PartnerKey] =>
[ObjectID] =>
[CustomerKey] => Address
[Name] => Address

Now I am passing Address here 

Adding New Properties/Attributes to Subscribers

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I'm using the Fuel SDK in Python and the calls to retrieve Subscribers and SendEvents is taking a very long time - up to 10 minutes between each set of 2500 records. 

Can I access Subscribers and SendEvents using the REST API? The documentation https://code.exacttarget.com/api does not mention anything about these object types.


How can I access the list of Subscribers and SendEvents through the REST API?

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I am updating a subscriber using subscriberid with no email address, while adding it to a list. I get an error back which indicates invlid email address error code 1200 InvalidEmailAddress. I am not supplying email address in the soap request.

Do I need to supply email address all the time? I have attached the request and response aml.


Updating a subscriber by subscriber id, no email address.

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We're currently using the api for php to add subscribers to a list. We created a welcome email, but I just discovered that it will not be sent automatically when adding a subscriber via the api. 

So is it possible when adding a subscriber, to also send that same email if we can reference it by it's ID?

If not, I'm guessing that after we call $results = $client->Create($request), we would have to create another request to send a email to just that one subscriber?

When adding a subscriber, can you also send a welcome email?

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We're using CreateOptions with SaveOption.new('Subscriber','UpdateAdd')


We have one subscriber being added to 6 lists, they get added to all list but one.  The subscriber has an active state.

Any idea why others subscribers on the same call are being added but on subscriber is not being added?



Subscriber not being added to list API returning 12014 already on list

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After sending the mail , if any of the of the subscriber clicked the "Update Profile" link and updated his Profile(Changes Name, Address, Email etc) ...how can I extract only those updated subscriber records  to a file in FTP per Day/Week or through API. This is very much crucial for our project for updating the records in our system. Please suggest the best way other than creating custum profile center.

Subscribers who Updated Profile Attributes or any fields

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I'm using the SDK...

client = ET_Client.new

subscriber = ET_Subscriber.new

subscriber.authProps = client

subscriber.filter = {"Property"=>"CreatedDate", "SimpleOperator"=> 'greaterThan', 'Value' => DateTime.new(2012,01,01)}


#<ET_Get:0x007fb9d3910a20 @results=[], @code=200, @status=true, @moreResults=false, @request_id="621ce03f-4419-438c-acc3-a43899e3ebf1">


No results :(


I have subscribers...

How do you filter by date?

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From http://help.exacttarget.com/en/technical_library/web_service_guide/objects/subscriber I see there is an Attributes property.

Using the Ruby FuelSDK  i have tried creating a new subscriber with the following properties:

{ 'EmailAddress' => 'justatest5@kevy.com', 'Attributes' => {"Full Name" => 'My name is'}}

{ 'EmailAddress' => 'justatest5@kevy.com', :attributes! => {"Full Name" => 'My name is'}}

{ 'EmailAddress' => 'justatest5@kevy.com', 'Attributes' => {:name => "Full Name", :value => 'My name is'}}

How do you add Attributes to objects created?