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I am trying to retrieve a subscriber based on name-value pairs for something like "fullname" or First Name + Last Name. I've got the PHP code successfully retrieving subscriber attributes based on email address, but want to do a wild card search if possible. Can I use SimpleFilterPart or ComplexFilterPart to do this?

Here's my sample code:

How do I retrieve a subscriber based on Attribute value?

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When importing to a Data Extension (DE), if a field is set to a Number data type to validate the value is indeed numeric, any leading zeroes will be dropped (e.g. importing '0457' will be stored as just '457' in the DE).  I know we can set the field to be Text data type to maintain the leading zeroes, but then blank values or non-numeric values could be stored in the DE field (when there needs to be validation that there is a numeric value in the field to ensure proper data is being received).

Can ExactTarget validate that a field is numeric and store the value with a leading zero?

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When an email is forwarded, it does not disable the Update Profile and Unsubscribe links.  

Are there any ways to do this or is it simply native and cannot be changed?  What about alternate solutions?




Disable Unsubscribe links

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I have tried a few different options but I seem to still get the same error.

Error Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Using a Complex Filter using name and client id, i'm able to capture "Commercial Default"

Which is used a majority of the time.

However a few random accounts have "Commercial - Default"

Elegant way to perform retrieve request and two OR filters in a sub-account

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Can server-side javascript activities be created via the API?


SSJS activities via the API?

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Has anyone created a Javascript validation function using the Regex string provided by ET on this page?



I can't just copy/paste that into a JS Regex check as it is has single quotes that break the syntax:


Client-side JavaScript email validation using Regex