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 Hi, Below is the code for Trigger send and the problem is with the Attribute[1] Contact id. 

     "ContactID is the primary key for data extension and it runs fine for the first time as the ID doesn't exist but if i run it again. The problem if i run it again and the contactid remains same which is violation of primary key adn i got the Error , There are no valid subscriber..."

 How can i update record in Data extension using the trigger send here?

Pleaes Help?

Regards, Tanzeel

Update Data Extension From Trigger Send?

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Is it possible to run an SSJS retrieve call directly against a Data View? I was hoping to not have to run a query and dump the data into a DE if I didn't have to.

Here's my example (which returns nothing):


<script runat="server" language="javascript">



var emailSends = DataExtension.Init("_Job");

Retrieve Data from a DataView with SSJS

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I have integrated my website with ExactTarget using ExactTarget API Call, I imported my HTML template from wesite to ExactTarget account when try to send an email  from ExactTarget, I'm getting a pop up window as shown below.


Syntax for Replacement of Firstname, Lastname, Company Name

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I couldn't locate a compelte list of UserAccess IDs.

The Adding a New User to an Existing Account article notes two of them:

3 CLIENT_ADMIN, which correlates to the "Add Users to Account" checkbox in the User Permissions section of the edit user screen.

4 PRO_ADMIN doesn't seem to correlate to one of these checkboxes.

I've also found the following:

25 Administrative Data Management

23 Grant the user access to the web services

35 Manage Data Extension Data and Retention Policy

What are the IDs for various UserAccess objects?

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When SubscriberKey is enabled (http://wiki.memberlandingpages.com/010_ExactTarget/030_Subscribers/Subscriber_Key) you can have the same email address many times.  Trying to keep the subscriber key the same if there are multiple sources feeding the same account is difficult and you will get multiple emails at different opt in states.  Example website feeds the opt in lists and calculates subscriber key one way and then someone imports a excel spread sheet filled out with only email address.  This means that email addresses could

How to consolidate duplicate emails