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I'm looking for a way to use the API to send to multiple subscribers at once.

Basically, I'm looking to pass an array of subscriber keys and an email in a SOAP call and have the email sent to that set of subscriber keys.

Is there some documentation or examples on how this can be done?


API to send to multiple subscribers

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I am having some issues creating dynamic subject lines using AMPscript, particularly when trying to insert variables Here is an example of code. Within the User-Initiated email, I have the subject line set to: %%=v(@subjectline)=%%.



IF @customerStatus == 'New' THEN set @subjectline = "Get a $%%=v(@giftCardAmount)=%% Gift Card when you make your first purchase."

ELSE set @subjectline = "Get a $%%=v(@giftCardAmount)=%% Gift Card."





Creating Dynamic Subject Lines Using AMPscript

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Where can I find information about Shared Template Permissions. I want to create an API call that changes a shared templates viewing permission based on business accounts.


Edit template permissions

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Can anyone elaborate on what this error code means?

12015 SubscriberKeyNotFound

I'm using a SaveAction.UpdateAdd with the SubscriberAPI object, and that's the error I'm getting back in the CreateResult.ErrorCode

Error: 12015 SubscriberKeyNotFound