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 I am configuring Triggered Send Definitions in an Enterprise 2.0 account and we are using the REST API to create the Triggered Sends.  We are considering having a Business Unit for Development, Stage, and Production and we would have Triggered Send Definitions with the same External Key across Business Units. 


Best Practices for using the REST API to create Triggered Sends with Enterprise 2.0

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Hi All,

Our client has the requiremnt that they are able to Update Values in a data Extension via some User Interface. I do not know of an out of the box way of doing this so I built one using SSJS & AMPScript. It works great as long as the result set is not to large.

How do I limit the number of Rows from an SSJS Retrieve Rows

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Hello everyone,

here is my question:

OK. Here is the problem.

I am retrieving the subscribers with 'unsubscribed' status using ET API. This is how I do that:


            // Instantiate the retrieve request

            RetrieveRequest rr = new RetrieveRequest { ObjectType = "Subscriber" };


Retrieving subscribers with 'Unsubscribe' status and then checking the status on each of the Lists .. discrepancy

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I am working with an account that has three different codes to send SMS messages. When initiating a message using SOAP API (to SMSi), I need to specify the code I want the message to come from. Below is the code I'm using, but I get the following error.


Using FromAddress with SMSTriggeredSend

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Hello ET Folks - Is it possible to import from a file into a Suppression List? What should the file structure be? I saw the option in a friend's account, but it is not present in mine. Any ideas why? Thanks!

Importing into a Suppression List?

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I have a problem with FTP Import once successfully completed. 

Once Import was completed, Always ET will create Results File for Error Records which are availble in Imported File (Ex. Invalid Email Address and Un Subscribed Email Addresses ). 

To Retrieve this Error Record list from FTP, we need file name which one created for import(Latest ). But every time when i import the subscribers from the CSV file, this process is genarating one Results file. So Right now we are having hundreds of files in our FTP.

Problem With Results File Created at FTP Site once Import was Done.