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We created a data extension and are building both a list table and detail pages from information contained in the extension. I'm running into some challenges related to using a form to update a record in a data extension. Probably a few obstacles to overcome as it develops but so far I'm already seeing where the placement of a form field in the details page is creating the error message.

The page is using 'RequestParameter' and is displaying the material data correctly but as soon as I place a form tag it breaks.

Using a form on Landing Page to update a record in a Data Extension

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It appears that the data fields in an extension must have a hidden field which carries a unique record ID for each record/row in the extension. Generally in other systems I'd use an auto-increment data type so that each added row carries a visible and unique ID#. Any suggestion on the easiest way to add such a data field? I'm considering that if that isn't a pre-existing AMPscript function or data type it's not that hard to code something but I'd guess it exists and that I haven't found it yet. Thanks.

Best way to Auto-Increment in AMPscript?

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My current scenario is as follows:

  1. I have created a triggered send that I am triggering via the API. There are no CC/BCC recipients specified in the interaction
  2. We are sending a SOAP API request to trigger this interaction; we have tried sending the request with a CC value and a BCC value - neither of these are working. The only person receiving the email is the one specified in the "To" field


Sending a triggered send to multiple To/CC/BCC recipients via the API

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This relates directly to a previous question but isolates a specific part thereof. I'm looking through the AMPscript functions to see how one could review a Data Extension, look for the highest value in a "Number" column and add  "1" to that value. What I have in mind could also look at the most recently added record (the records are time/date stamped already) and this will essentially create a clean recordID #. I am already comparing this to using a GUID but am more comfortable with using something closer to auto-increment however duplicates can't be permitted.

Finding a Data Extension Record based on relative data.

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We are using the SOAP API to query the 'SentEvent' object by using a SimpleFilter of "SendID" (SimpleOperators.EQUALS).

The properties we are retrieving back are "SendID" and "EventDate". This call takes around 15 - 35 seconds on average.

Is there something we are doing wrong? What can we do to improve the "SentEvent" performance?


Querying for SentEvent by a single SendID takes up to 35 seconds

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We have several forms in the form of "Landing Pages" which are now being used to edit and add records to data extensions but as these are published they are technically "univerally accessible". We need to secure these so that unauthorized parties can't access or edit the data using the forms. I've seen the control in "Properties" for landing pages which controls security either as "None" or "System Authenticated Redirection". I'd guess that "System Authenticated redirection" will allow us to secure the forms but don't yet see how it works.

How to secure microsite forms to only authorized ET users. Security: System Authenticated Redirection

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We have 3 date fields on a form which CAN add dates into a data extension. The features works HOWEVER the fields are optional and can be left blank. If left blank instead of remaining NULL, the fields get a Value = 01/01/1900 (and I don't think ET can send email reminders that far back in time, don't even think it can travel back in time 2 minutes!). Nonetheless this looks sloppy. How can we force the field to remain NULL unless a value is specified?

Forcing a Date field to remain NULL.

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We created a data extension and form in a microsite. The data field is a date and called "EndDate". It is a "Date"  format field and has "nullable" checked so it should accept Null values.

End date field is getting a default value?