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Upserting a Triggered Send Data Extension?

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Do we have any SOAP and/or .Net samples of upserting a Triggered Send Data extension?

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If you have already setup the triggered send definition using the data extension template through UI or built definition using API then you simply call the TriggeredSend object the same way you do for any triggered send. That is why there is not a specific code sample for triggering a data extension based triggered send.

The subscriber object that you pass is the data extension row. You will create subscriber attributes for the subscribers in the the array with names that match the data extension fields to pass the information. If you pass the appropriate information for the data extension row in the subscriber object the row will be added to the data extension and the email will be triggered.



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Sorry for the lack of detail in the question :) BUT let's say the Triggered Send Send Definition is working properly (subscribers are added to the TS DE) and the Triggered Send Data Extension is being used as a profile/preference repository and the user wants to  update a field (i.e. FirstName)...can an Update/Upsert be called to make these updates? Will it consider the EmailAddress/SubscriberKey combo as the primary keys?




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Hello Ian, 

TriggeredSend Data Extensions are intended to be a log of every email sent using the TriggeredSend definition that it is tied to.  The TriggeredSend Data extension should never have primary key field on it since it could prevent new rows from being added in order to do a send. 

There is no way to make it perform an upsert to the TriggeredSend Data Extension. I would recommend creating a separate data extension for the purpose of keeping a master record of all of the subscribers for the account.