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Software Release and Introduction

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Standing up a developer community is one thing. Cultivating a vibrant space that reaches out to its audience and promotes a greater good is another thing entirely. A lot of hard work went into that first milestone here at ExactTarget. Getting the components of this environment to work together took vision and follow-through.


We are continuously improving the foundation of what exists today with three guiding values in mind:

  • At every turn, challenge ourselves to give you simplest solution to sophisticated problems
  • Educating with examples of how to solve for common scenarios, including where others find challenges, and how to get over the hump
  • Driving greater involvement and engagement within the CODE@ community


My name is Chris Yates, and I am the Manager of the Developer Program at ExactTarget. The Developer Program exists to provide clear guidance towards best practices for anyone building solutions utilizing the ExactTarget platform. Below, you can gain better understanding about each of our guiding values.



Sophisticated needs require sophisticated solutions. It is easy to get lost in the sea of information. By focusing on your needs, we will lay out the best possible path from question to answer. 


We released an enhanced look and feel for code.exacttarget.com on July 17. The team used this opportunity to simplify the experience where possible. You can see what the site looks like now. As a point of comparison, here is one example of a before screenshot:





Besides the improved visual experience, please note the removal of the Sign-In block (now reserved for display when the user chooses to login). Also, the PARTNERS and TRAINING tabs moved to links when viewing the homepage (as they are links to other ExactTarget websites).



We’re currently developing Getting Started content that focuses on examples of how to work through common scenarios. Often there are many ways to get to the same place – our content will highlight the most scalable way to achieve your goals. 


Content is important, however imparting understanding is paramount. We are challenging the mechanism used to deliver education. You can expect to find videos, sample code, and SDKs in future content.



We want to empower community members to not only learn a current solution, but to drive their knowledge back to the community. When measuring our community, we found less than one percent of users are providing sixty percent of the content. 


The goal is to take people from member, to user, to contributor. Without broad contribution the value of the community is deteriorated. We’d really appreciate your help in spreading the message and sending people to check out the recent changes to http://code.excattarget.com.


My focus is enabling you to have the highest possible chance for quick success. I am putting myself in the shoes of the marketer with goals of driving engagement and growing the community. Stayed tuned - as I continue to document the journey, delivering you a better experience while staying true to our guiding values.

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