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Nothing Talks to Developers Better Than Code

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First Sample App Versions Coming Tuesday, November 20th

Our Sample Apps will go beyond where "Hello World" has gone before. These apps aren't just a demo…they're useful, and we think they will be a handy utility in your ExactTarget tool belt. What good is it if you can't use it?

Why are we building Sample Apps? 

You are our community and we listen! We understand that good ideas come from anywhere and from anyone - so we decided to visit 3Sixty Product Ideas because it was a really good place to start.

Our Development Approach

We've built these Sample Apps in PoC (Proof of Concept) style for simplicity's sake. We understand that getting code into your production environment is why we're all here! Each of these Sample Apps focuses on getting you started. We won't apply hardened, production-ready code just yet, but keep a weathered eye on the horizon.

The First Sample App is...

Subscriber Search on 3Sixty had over 1500 feature requests - you want it…you got it!

Optimum Solutions Support said:
"I love the Subscriber Search function a lot and would love to have the following abilities: 1) For both email and domain search, use a wildcard (i.e. comcast.* or ajc@*.com2)..."

Our primary goal is to show you how to build Hub Exchange Apps, but the primary goal of the Subscriber Search Sample App will be to allow you to search across the entire emailAddress field for any results which match the search term you provide.

What we'll cover:

  • Creating apps and defining app endpoints in App Center
  • Implementing JWT, SSO, and Refresh Tokens on Hub Apps
  • Making REST calls with the new Fuel API Family
  • Making SOAP API calls
  • Implementing Fuel UX in your app

Our Roadmap for Subscriber Search Sample Apps:

 LanguageDelivery Timeframe

Benjamin Dean


November 20th, 2012

Michael Clark


Week of Nov. 27th, 2012

Jason Meketa


Week of Nov. 27th, 2012

Kelly Andrews


Week of Dec. 3rd, 2012

Ian Murdock


Q1 2013

Next Steps:

  • Be sure to express interest in the Fuel EAP program so you can be first in line when we make it available to everyone
  • Keeping checking back with us here on Code@ to get your hands on the Subscriber Search Sample App version that best meets your needs
  • Sign-up to receive the Code@ newsletter so you can stay informed (you can do this within "Update Profile" in your Code@ profile by checking the "Newsletter Distribution" checkbox.
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