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Connections Developer Track - Oct. 18th - Office Hours

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Connections 2012 Developer Track will host a Thursday afternoon "office hours" session that will enable developers with all the basic needs for building Apps on the Fuel Platform.


Join us downtown Indianapolis at 2:30pm in the JW Marriott Rooms 201-204 on the second floor.


2:30-2:35  Session Intro

Ian Murdock - VP of Platform: Ian will be welcoming the audience, sharing the vision / approach behind App Center and app building.

2:35-3:05 Getting Started

Michael Clark - Developer Advocate: In the first half, we will run through the pre-reqs for getting the most out of your App Center experience. In the back half of the topic, we will cover the ins and outs of getting and using keys.

3:05-3:20  OAuth & REST Call Construction

Benjamin Dean - Senior Developer Advocate: Now that we have our keys, we will gain a deeper understanding of what a REST call is comprised of. We will cover everything from URI naming strategies, to understanding OAuth, to getting your first token!

3:35-3:45 Endpoints - Simplified

Michael Clark - Developer Advocate: Things are really moving along: we have our client secret and keys, we understand what an API comprised of and we have our OAuth token back - now what are all the cool things we can do? This topic will cover a lot about the APIs we offer today, and a bit about what is just around the corner.

3:45-4:10  Call Execution

Benjamin Dean - Senior Developer Advocate: Now the good stuff - we have covered everything from creating keys to understanding endpoints. It is time to start making some calls! In this topic we will walk you through how to execute a call and parse the response.

4:10-4:30  Code@

Michael Clark - Developer Advocate: Well... we have taught you a lot, but we are still here to help you along the way. You have questions? Well we have answers! From a highly engaged user community to a robust tool-centric Dev Center, Code@ is where it's @!

4:30-4:50  Publishing your App

Dale McCrory - Senior Product Manager: Lets get people using it! Whether the client is just you or every ExactTarget client, In this topic we will cover the go-to-market thinking for surfacing your app to the broader client base.

4:50-5:00  Q&A + Wrap-Up

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