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QueueMO Perform

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The QueueMO Perform operation automatically initiates a Mobile Originated (MO) message defined within the MobileConnect interface.


You can use this call to initiate a MO keyword and opt-in subscribers to your mobile campaign that requires a double opt-in process. You must use an SMS Opt-In template as part of this call (specified by the keyword in the call). The subscriber indicates interest by signing up on your website or other external system. That subscriber then receives an SMS message to which they can respond in order to continue with the double opt-in process. This process ensures the subscriber provides a valid number belonging to the subscriber.

Note that the above example does not represent the only use for this call. You can use this call any time you must start an MO keyword from a system other than the subscriber's mobile phone.

The QueueMO call validates the short code and keyword combination and ensures the account has permission to use the short code. Any country code associated with the calls derives from the location of the mobile number and produces an error if the short code does not have permission to send in the country code.

Operation URL 


JSON Parameters:

  • mobileNumbers (required) - Array of numeric mobile numbers included in the MO keyword
  • shortCode (required) - SMS short code configured for your account.
  • messageText (required) - The SMS message used by the system to initiate the MO defintion. This message must start with a keyword and can optionally include other parameters used by the MO definition. You must use an SMS Opt-In template as part of this call (specified by the keyword).

Example Request

POST https://www.exacttargetapis.com/sms/v1/queueMO/?access_token=...
Content-Type: application/json
  "mobileNumbers" : [
  "shortCode" : "86288",
  "messageText" : "CODETEST"

The response (assuming all valid values) returns a result for each one of the mobile numbers in the original request.

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted
    "results": [{
        "identifier": "UnNxWDUwbGFMVTJjWnB4R0x1Qng4dzo3Njow",
        "mobileNumber": "15555551212",
        "result": "OK"

An invlid request returns a 400 response with details on the error. The example below shows a response returned when passing in an invalid short code.

Example Response


HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    "errors": ["Client, ShortCode, Keyword combination is invalid."]

Possible Errors

The message cannot be blank or only whitespace.The request includes a blank or undefined messageText property.
The count of the mobile numbers cannot be zero.The mobileNumbers field does not contain any values.
{0} is not a numeric string.One or more of the mobile numbers submitted contains non-numeric characters. You cannot use spaces, dashes or other non-numeric characters ..
Client, ShortCode combination is invalid.

Your account cannot use the short code specified or does not include any defined keywords.

Keyword is not necessary when Subscribe and Resubscribe are falseYou cannot include a Keyword value when you do not include Subscribe and Resubscribe options.
Client, ShortCode, Keyword combination is invalid.You included an invalid keyword for your account in the MessageText property.
Client, ShortCode, Keyword combination is invalid. Make sure the number is normalized and the number's country code is valid for the short code.Indicates that a valid mobile code, country code, keyword combination does not exist for the specified mobile number. This can be due to a non-normalized number being specified. If the number is normalized, it indicates that the country code on the mobile number does not match the country codes tied to the short codes on the account.


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