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Address - ValidateEmail

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The ValidateEmail resource in the Address API provides multiple ways of validating an email address that go beyond what a simple regular expression can provide. For example, ExactTarget's List Detective functionality can filter email addresses that are known spam traps (inactive addresses used by domains to identify spammers) and domains that no longer provide email service.

The following list includes these currently available validators:

  • SyntaxValidator - Checks to make sure the email address is syntactically valid
  • MXValidator - Verifies that a DNS mail exchanger (MX) record can be resolved for the domain specified
  • GlobalUnsubValidator - Determines if the email address is already unsubscribed from your account's global list
  • ListDetectiveValidator - Determines if the email address is a known spam trap or from a domain that no longer provides email service

Resource URL



To validate an email address, perform an HTTP POST to the resource URL above, specifying the email address and validators to be used in the payload of the HTTP POST. You can use more than one validator in the same call. For example, use the sample code below to validate the email address help@example.com against the SyntaxValidator, MXValidator, and ListDetectiveValidator:

POST https://www.exacttargetapis.com/address/v1/validateEmail?access_token=...
Content-Type: application/json
  "email": "help@example.com",
  "validators": [ "SyntaxValidator", "MXValidator", "ListDetectiveValidator" ]

If the email address is valid, the following response will be returned:

  "email": "help@example.com",
  "valid": true

If the email address is not valid, the following response will be returned, indicating which validator failed:

  "email": "this@is@not@a@valid@email@address",
  "valid": false,
  "failedValidation": "SyntaxValidator"

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