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Our comprehensive APIs are the foundation of our platform, enabling our clients to automate their email campaigns and seamlessly integrate their marketing, analytics, and other business software.

Fuel APIs open the hub to third-party development. Fuel API provides a growing list of services that can help improve integration and functionality.


  • Auth - Provides OAuth tokens that can be used to authenticate with Fuel APIs
  • Address
    • ValidateEmail - Provides advanced methods for validating an email address (e.g., filter email addresses that are known spam traps)
  • Hub
    • Campaigns - Exposes functionality related to Interactive Marketing Hub Campaigns
    • DataEvents - Exposes functionality related to adding data to data extensions
    • DataEventsAsync - Exposes functionality related to asynchronously adding data to data extensions
  • Messaging
    • MessageDefinitionSends - Exposes functionality related to transactional email sending using standard Triggered Email interactions
  • SMS - related to MobileConnect SMS functionality
    • Contacts - Allows importing into and refreshing existing lists
    • MessageContact - Can be used to send mobile originated SMS messages and check on the status of these requests
    • MessageList - Can be used to send SMS messages to a pre-defined list
    • QueueMO - Allows for initiated MO keywords programatically
  • Platform
    • Endpoints - Provides endpoint information, necessary for accessing other ExactTarget resources such as FTP
    • TokenContext - Used to find more information about an access token
  • PushService
    • MessageContact- Send push messages to specific mobile devices
    • MessageTag- Send push messages to mobile devices based on a tag
    • MessageApp- Send push messages to mobile devices based on a App

For more information about how to use these services, check out the Getting Started Guide.

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