ExactTarget Fuel offers two APIs:

  • Our SOAP API is our oldest and most comprehensive API, but its functionality is limited to the ExactTarget email application, and, like all SOAP APIs, it is fairly heavyweight.

  • Our REST API is newer and less comprehensive, but it exposes a broader set of Marketing Cloud capabilities and is much more lightweight and easy to use (and is getting more comprehensive with every release).

Both share a common authentication mechanism based on OAuth 2.


ExactTarget Fuel's SDKs are wrappers around the SOAP and REST APIs that enable developers to integrate with those APIs using native language constructs. The SDKs provide protocol agnostic interfaces as well as automated token management and other features designed to reduce development time.

We currently offer the following SDKs:

By using the SDKs, you get the best of both worlds, and, in most cases, it is possible to accomplish the same task with far less code using the SDKs. For that reason, and because we have coded common patterns and best practices directly into the SDKs, we highly recommend using an SDK if one is available for your preferred environment.